Teaching philosophy
It is not that most students are unmusical, but merely their
technique or lack thereof, significantly impairs their ability to
proficiently project their musical ideas. Once certain technical
skills are mastered, the playing speaks for itself more

Sarita is on the Applied faculty of Tufts University and
eaches on the Emerson Program at MIT. Ms. Uranovsky
also maintains a private studio. She is on the faculty of the
Saarburg International Music Festival in Germany and the
Vianden International Music Festival in Luxenbourg.

                            Student quotes
 "Sarita’s joyous spirit and focused dedication to teaching the
 violin is remarkable. Her love and passion for the instrument,
 combined with her endless enthusiasm and perseverance
 for improvement is nothing short of inspiring." - Ben Powell
"Sarita is a superb violinist and an inspirational teacher.  I was 
 losing my motivation beacuse I was always playing by myself
  and was not able to play with somebody! Sarita taught me to
 "listen" to another player and to intergrate my own playing in
        duo. It is a joy to be her student." - Paola Rizzoli

    “What I appreciate about Sarita is her ability to clearly
        articulate her knowledge to me.” - Esther Nahm

  “She brings to the teaching process her own learning and
  engagement in progressing as a musician, performer and 
                          teacher.” - Jane Mooney 

 “She has an uncanny knack for figuring out what’s wrong at
    any given time and knowing how to fix it.” - Sarah Moss

  “Sarita caters her pedagogical approach differently to each
        student, to suit their unique needs” - Nina Young