“Sarita Uranovsky was one of those empassioned soloists with a
  tone that could cut through anything the orchestra threw at her.”
                    Conrad Wilson -The Herald (Scotland)

 “Sarita Uranovsky plays with poise and panache… and with the
 confidence and style one usually associates with great violinists.”
               George Nisbet - The Cape Times (South Africa)

 “...the dazzling violin display was considerably softened by a delicate,
                    warm interpretation by Sarita Uranovsky.”
              Michael Tumelty - The Glasgow Herald (Scotland)

 “Sarita Uranovsky is in a class of her own… with self assured ease,
 delivered a performance of the highest order where with harmonious
 sound and brilliant interpretation, performed with utmost precision.”
                    Carl Fourie - The Argus (South Africa)